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Reporting Log provide competitive solutions for Sales Force Automation to adapt the product to the new requirements as your company grows.

Key Features

Desktop Reporting

Reporting Log web is one of the best way to view, format, manage and analyze your company data. Reporting Log provides various standard tools so that one can submit your report using Computer, Laptop or a device having Browser in it. Get rid of managing big and heavy papers and files. Simply get you all company data from anywhere anytime, download it in various format like excel, pdf etc. and get ready for meeting or presentation in few seconds.

Mobile Reporting

Reporting Log is committed to make your reporting easy and dynamic that's why we give you mobile based reporting tools so that you can work from anywhere. We also enable you with advance and hi-tech functionality so that you can work offline without having Internet connection in rural areas.

Expense Management

Reporting Log has various powerful tools that’s help you to control daily and monthly expenses dynamically without wasting time to calculate manually and traditional way.

Order Management

Order management is the administration of business processes related to orders for goods or services. Reporting Log provides you such a easy and standard tool so that you can view, update and manage your orders and analyse it.

GPS Tracking

Reporting Log Mobile Application helps you to track your field staff's live location. By using Mobile Application you will get all client visited location details on Google Map and there travel route also.
Adopt Reporting Log Mobile Reporting and say bye bye to false reporting.

Sales Management

Sales management is an important business function as net sales through the sale of products and services and resulting profit drive most commercial business. That's why Reporting Log provides various tools so that you can enter, update and view your Primary and Secondary sales. With various advance reports you can compare and analysis Primary and Secondary sales data.


Save Paper Save Earth, Reporting Log gives the way to move to paperless E-Detailing. With Reporting Log no need to carry heavy Booklet to describe your products, simply go through Reporting Log E-Detailing and describe smartly.
Reporting Log E-detailing fully loaded with new generation animation that makes your product attractive and premium.
Field Staffs can easily plan E-Detailing with E-Detailing Planning Management before visit to client.

Gift and Sample Management

Reporting Log easily manages your Sample and Gift issued to employee and distributed to client and it also help to track current stock balance available to employee.
There are various analytic reports which gives you all records related to Sample and Gift in different ways.

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Informative Dashboard

Reporting Log team always try to make your work simple and easy so that you save your time and give it to other right and important things to grow your business.
Reporting Log dashboard are specially designed for your daily, monthly and yearly requirements and try to make every information on a single page so you can easily find your required information there. Reporting Log Dashboards are fully customizable as par your need.

PAN Country Wise Reports

In Reporting Log you can manage or view your data as you want. There are vinous Reports and Analysis that can provide you Country Wise, Division Wise, State Wise, City Wise and Team Wise company data. You can easily manage your team without wasting time to calculate everything manually or traditionally.

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Sales Force Automation

Opt Reporting Log for your team for better performance and grow your business with smartly and managed way.